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Located in Montreal, the Comic Hunter shop offers a variety of services. Besides offering the usual newest comic issues and tons of back issues, the Comic Hunter is the only one in Montreal to offer renting and hunting comic services, as well as evaluation and buyback services.

We sell

We have a huge quantity of items in store (over 500 000), including the new comic and trade releases, back-issues, older discounted trade paperbacks, graphic novels and many more. We specialise our sales in comics of all kinds, in English or in French. We have many theme sections in the shop, namely:

  • A dollar bin room, where all comics are $1.00 (& in alphabetical order)
  • Silver and bronze age comics
  • French Heritage Comics
  • Foreign language Comics
  • Mangas
  • Adult Comics
  • Toys section
  • Figurines and statues

We buy

Because we sell tons of back issues and sets, buying comics has become one of our most vital operations. We make an offer on all stacks and boxes of comics, new, old, rare or common. We pay good bucks for good books! Make an appointment with Marc before-hand!

We exchange

If you prefer to get a bit more value for the comics you’re looking to sell, why not benefit of our exchange service instead? We offer more value in exchange if you purchase other items, just ask us and we’ll tell you more about it.

We hunt

Hunting comics to please you … it’s our pleasure! This last issue you’re missing and can’t find nowhere, but you desperately need it to complete your storyline; it’s extremely rare or you just don’t have the time to run across the city to find it, we will hunt it for you and this without even a risk. When we find your missing item, we will notify you and if you’re still interested, it’s yours! Otherwise we put it back in our inventory.

We rent

If you do not wish to collect comics, but rather read them only, renting is the perfect option for you. Just leave us a deposit for the ones you take home and enjoy the reading. When you’ll bring them back, we shall reimburse your deposit minus a little amount for the usage (comics have to come back in the same shape though!). Or…you may want to read a couple of comics of a specific series before engaging yourself to buy the entire collection – such as Walking Dead – without spending a fortune – here it’s possible !

We celebrate with you !

yours kids…

Every visit, all kids under 12 years old that accompany you, can choose, free of charge, an item from the dollar bin room.


If you leave us your birthday and email address, we will be pleased to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and send you a 10 % discount certificate. As well, upon your visit, we will offer you a personalized present!

your friends…

You are looking for a present for a loved one or a friend, we have gift certificates! And as a bonus, upon utilization of the certificate, we will add a personalized gift, free of charge.



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